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Where To Next: Goa, India Is The Exotic Summer Destination Of Your Dreams!

Where To Next: Goa, India Is The Exotic Summer Destination Of Your Dreams!

When people hear about India, what comes to mind, more often than not, is its rich culture, rooted history, and its spice-filled cuisine. Although as true as these associations may be, there is so much more to India than what is popularly known, to put it lightly. Goa, a state in the Western region of India, is a coastal area known for its beaches and party culture. As big of a contrast this place is to a good majority of the rest of the country, this place is absolutely well worth a look, especially if you’re looking to explore new places and experience this new side of India you otherwise might not have known! Here are some reasons why you should pay this beautiful place a visit.

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Good beach life

Having been discovered in the late 60s by hippies and foreign visitors during the Flower Power era, visitors have steadily been growing in numbers since then. The reason: Goa's beautiful beaches and its very laid-back environment. Besides relaxing by the shore, visitors come by for a good number of water sports and activities as well, such as surfing, kayaking, parasailing, diving, and jet skiing, among others.

Party central

A great lot of the younger visitors who travel to Goa do so with the intention to party and have a good time. Now regarded as India’s party capital, Goa's beach life has allowed its residents to build on a good mix between India’s already festive culture with the inviting environment of its coast. It’s also worth mentioning that ‘psy trance’ pretty much started here!

Rich in culture and history

Aside from kicking it back at the beach, Goa is also popular for its rich heritage and historical churches and temples. Colonized by the Portuguese during the 16th century, Goa has a variety of beautiful churches, as well as Hindu temples, which are well worth checking out. The architecture of these shrines alone is already more than enough to make you want to see them for yourself.

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Beautiful nature

Diverse, bountiful, and well protected are three words one can use to describe the awe-inspiring nature in Goa. Aside from the beaches, they take pride in their rich parks, waterfalls, plantations, and sanctuaries, all of which you can visit for yourself, so long as you give yourself an ample amount of time to get around and explore each one. Without a doubt, all these are a must for everyone to experience.

Local markets

Many travelers like taking pieces of the places they visit with them as a keepsake or souvenir. Luckily enough, open markets in Goa are a big thing, and they are some of the most vibrant and colorful you’d ever get to visit. Mostly filled with locally made wares and handicrafts, a whole day there can be spent browsing through all the things you can purchase. Different kinds of local food are also sold here, should you choose to splurge on that instead!

Warm and comfortable

There is something that fits any kind of traveller in Goa. Whether you’re traveling on a budget, or if you’re looking to pamper yourself a little more, you’d be sure not to run out of comfortable options during your stay. Although, it goes without saying that it really is worth considering checking into a good resort, because it adds to appreciating the beauty of Goa, and you also get to experience Goan hospitality up close!

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