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Where To Next: The Forever Chill Coron, Palawan For A Unique Island Getaway!

Where To Next: The Forever Chill Coron, Palawan For A Unique Island Getaway!

Condé Nast Traveler regular Palawan is easily a sight to behold. Picturesque landscapes and crystal clear waters surround the largest province in the country, making the perfect backdrop for your travel snaps and video blogs. And on its northern part lies Coron, where you can see the beauty of life underwater as well as limestone formations that might just take your breath away. A little contrast to the luxurious El Nido, Coron offers more laid-back options that change up every now and then for one classic travel experience!

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Explore the Twin Lagoon

No Coron trip would be complete without this stunner! Bring your boat to a dock at the first lagoon and get captivated by the unparalleled view from the second one which can only be accessed by swimming through a narrow rift.

Liven up your trip with some booze

If you want to drink and maintain the feel of the area, Cove Shack is the place to be! There’s even a flight of stairs that leads to cozy villas where you can have nice conversations with your travel buddies.

Relax to your heart’s content

Your hotel can take up a huge chunk of your entire experience as it will serve as your home for a few days. We recommend staying at Bacau Bay Resort Coron, which provides a contemporary atmosphere that can make you experience the warmth of Filipino hospitality. Each room is decked out with a balcony extension—a nice place where you can watch the sun rise and set!

Do some life reflection

Aside from getting a good rest, vacation is also about forging a better connection to yourself. Make sure to squeeze in some time to be in tune with your feelings and meditate to the calming sound of nature.

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