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Kitchen Whiz: How To Put Up A Delectable Charcuterie Board At Home

Kitchen Whiz: How To Put Up A Delectable Charcuterie Board At Home

Yes, we know! It could get a little bit overwhelming to work from home, especially now that we’re dealing with the coronavirus crisis. Hence, we all deserve a tasty afternoon snack (or, as they call it: merienda) during our work break.

With food delivery services currently in high demand, why not get creative with food while in self-isolation? We can start with learning how to put up a delectable charcuterie board on our own, with some tips from Mary Beth Albright—food anchor for the Washington Post! Read on.

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Stock up on hard cheese

Mary Beth Albright

“The harder the cheese, the longer it lasts,” said Albright. It’s definitely one of the best things we can do with our limited outside activities amidst the pandemic.

Toss in some dried fruits

“Dried fruit is fantastic as it adds sweetness and chewiness,” she continued. “It’s nice to look for things that are unusual.”

Perk it up with delicious spreads and flavorful dips for your crackers

You can add peppadew peppers, olive tapenade, and whole grain mustard for some pops of flavor, she suggested.

Make it even more exciting with salami chips

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees, bake some salami for five minutes, drain it on paper towels, then voilà, you’re done with your merienda board! “I like to eat them while they’re hot,” the food editor shared.

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Screenshots taken from Mary Beth Albright's Quarantine Cooking Show for the Washington Post




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