In Focus: How Innovation, Mobility Tools Can Keep Your Business Lit Amid A Pandemic

In Focus: How Innovation, Mobility Tools Can Keep Your Business Lit Amid A Pandemic

Do you have a business facing this devastating crunch affecting the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? You may be struggling or keeping your head above high water, but the ultimate solution in keeping your gig cool and running even with an Enhanced Community Quarantine in place is innovation through mobility tools that makes telecommuting possible.

How does a company keep its operations going during this pandemic—when the nation is at a standstill, and people are confined in their homes to avoid the contagion? It is the flexibility and the ability to adapt to a new normal, planned in advance, using innovation and mobility tools as the crucial launching pad.

As your staff is unable to be physically present at your office, business continuity is only achieved when your mindset is geared towards equipping your team with proper mobility tools and guiding them to proactively and productively use them in a remote setting. As such, any organization, big or small, will be resilient to such threats as the dreaded COVID-19.

These tools are crucial to guarantee unhampered internal and external communications, which allow key personnel to address customer needs even without the need for a face-to-face, personal visit or meeting. Employees can likewise align and collaborate seamlessly and promptly wherever they are.

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A key factor is keen foresight and actual, astute preparations.

These include heavy investments on innovative mobility software to prepare for such eventuality. A good number of companies still operating during the pandemic anticipated the eventual lockdown days before it actually happened. A mobility setup has already been in place wherein employees would be prepared for total out-of-office operations. 

And, when the Enhanced Community Quarantine was announced—closing down business establishments and suspending public transportation—the agency, such companies quickly adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic as it kept the health and welfare of team members a priority, while maintaining close contact with clients and partners. 

“Nothing is more important than keeping our family of key executives, managers, and staff members safe and secure, especially during this unprecedented pandemic, which is why we carefully studied the situation, envisioned worst-case scenarios, and implemented effective system workarounds and processes to respond to it,” said Mel Dominguez, founder, president and CEO of Dominguez Marketing Communications Inc, which foresaw the disruption days before the ECQ was in effect.

Dominguez revealed that their closely knit family of integrated marketing professionals would do daily “checkpoints” to update and align the staff, while checking and discussing daily performances through a team collaboration hub in the safety of their homes. Management would stay in touch with all the team members to check on how they are doing, boosting their morale. Other digital resources are likewise utilized such as online office productivity tools for communications, group calls through chat or video, file sharing and organizing, archiving of recorded materials, which the team can access whenever or wherever they are. 

Depending on the client preference, she said her company would use existing online communication platforms to meet with customers.  They hold virtual meetings as many times as necessary to ensure service delivery.

And, training and development efforts would continue with online sessions presided by senior managers.

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Following Dominguez’ example, any company can become a flexible, acquiescent organization easily adaptable to the changing times amid evolving business conditions, and such unanticipated situations or crises affecting the country. It will likewise have the ability to attain and maintain high staff morale with sustained optimal efficiency in all aspects organization’s business units. 

With these important business continuity measures in place, companies won’t fail in offering the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, and innovation whatever the conditions may be. 

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