In Focus: Why We Need A 'Cyber-Frontliner' To Curb Online Virus Threats

In Focus: Why We Need A 'Cyber-Frontliner' To Curb Online Virus Threats

Working from home is certainly the new normal nowadays for the average professional.

Yet, just as we are threatened with a terrible pandemic, other “viruses” that are as vicious could still creep in and leave an equally nasty path of destruction.

As the continuing Enhanced Community Quarantine forced us to stay at home, we will be exposing our devices and connected networks to greater risk, given that such terminals or gadgets have left the safety and security of the workplace. This situation shows a critical fact, since many are still guilty of poor cybersecurity hygiene, and with the increase of cyber-attacks, “thinking before clicking” will not be sufficient nor an effective preventive measure. 

This threat even grows with the prevalence of less-secure platforms for video communications and conferencing that have placed us at the mercy of hackers, who can very well “infect” our systems. 

Isn’t it time we would need a sort of “cyber-frontliner” to eliminate these risks, and maintain the health and well-being of our systems as they are exposed to such dangers? 

It is thus necessary for top cybersecurity firms to take the lead to keep our data secure, especially when we are working at home.

Fortunately, one such company heeded this call and initiated a “humanitarian” effort at protecting our new home offices from such threats.

High-level, secure anti-virus software can be accessed for free for the next three months as we face the raging COVID-19 pandemic, with the Slovakia-based ESET taking a valiant step in responding to the urgent need for corporate-mettle data security even at home.

As such, anyone working at home can securely do their online and offline activities to maintain productivity while minimizing the risk of malware infection that can disrupt business operations. (You can leave a message on ESET’s Facebook page at for the free three-month premium subscription.)

Not only do we need to stay safe, but keep our work at home secure as well.

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