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Hot Stuff: All You Need To Know About The Sleeker, Newer Toyota Wigo!

Hot Stuff: All You Need To Know About The Sleeker, Newer Toyota Wigo!

Coming off of its historic first-ever online live event, the launch of the all-new Toyota Wigo definitely lived up to the hype—and may have even gone above and beyond what people have anticipated to experience at this event. As was promised, Toyota delivered in a unique and entertaining way, while keeping all its viewers, albeit watching remotely, engaged all throughout the stream. But, to no surprise, what generated the most buzz, were the fresh new upgrades of “everyone’s favorite car.”

For those who weren’t able to make the stream, here’s all you need to know about the new Toyota Wigo:

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A sleek and sportier look

Off the bat, once you see the new Toyota Wigo, you can immediately tell that this is going to be a head-turner on the streets. A great step-up in itself being that for the longest time, this was a car that was mainly recognized for its practicality and reliability. But now, with all its stylish upgrades, the new Toyota Wigo may just change all that. With added racing accents and TRD parts, such as front and rear spoilers, new grille and bumper designs, new headlamps and line guide type clearance lamps, as well as machine cut design alloy wheels (for G grade and TRD S models), the new Toyota Wigo would all the more draw the desire of all car owners and would-be first-time car owners alike.

Upgraded functionality

Already endeared to many for its practicality and functionality, the new Toyota Wigo makes life even more convenient for its drivers and passengers. For starters, no need to rummage through bags and pockets, as the new Toyota Wigo now has a push start button. Once inside, navigating the sound system is made easier with a new touch screen display audio system (for TRD S and G Grade models) as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with voice command (for TRD S models only). The G Grade and TRD S models also boast an advanced air conditioning system, and powered retract-and-adjust side mirrors. On top of that, as compact as the Toyota Wigo may look on the outside, the inside is comfortable and spacious, too!

Easier and safer driving

If you ask Toyota Wigo owners what they love about driving one, chances are, they’d say it’s because it’s reliable and easy to drive. Well, the new model definitely stays true to that standard, and even made room to add a little more. With an already-installed back sonar, reverse cam (for G Grade and TRD S models), and a dashcam (for TRD S models only), maneuvering this car, especially for first-time car owners who aren’t confident with parking in reverse, has just become that much easier! Definitely a big win for everybody, as the easier a car is to drive, the safer it is for everyone on the road.

To know more about the all new Toyota Wigo, visit the Toyota Motor Philippines’ official website, and follow their official social media pages, ToyotaMotorPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram, and @ToyotaMotorPH on Twitter.

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Photographs provided by Toyota Motor Philippines




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