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Beauty Inspo: Mariel Padilla Tutors Fellow Moms On Makeup!

Beauty Inspo: Mariel Padilla Tutors Fellow Moms On Makeup!

Mariel Rodriguez starts her recent vlog with a candid confession. “I do not know how to put on makeup,” she says. “As in I cannot put on makeup to save my life. That is why I work with the best makeup artists in the Philippines.”

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Her introduction to professional makeup happened after booking her first commercial. The mom of two was made up by celebrity MUAs Cristine Duque and Lala Flores, who she credits for sparking her interest in becoming an MUA herself. As her showbiz career took off, she went on to work with their contemporaries like Edwin Aguilar and Mark Qua, who has since become part of her everyday glam team.

Having experts work their magic since her teens, Mariel has certainly picked up a thing or two. But even this host admits she hasn’t reached their level of expertise. Her personal approach to beauty is simple: A dewy face that can get you through your next trip or even video conference! Watch her debut makeup tutorial for her very relatable and very practical lewk!  

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