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At some point in our lives—at work, in relationships, and just from the overwhelming bad news engulfing the socio-political climate these days, we've all experienced stress. Suffice to say, we've welcomed stress as a "normal."

And so after a long day, we'd probably be needing some TLC. The good news is we have the option to indulge on more of this to help alleviate all these stressors! We list below several beauty and wellness products in the market that may help!

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What's the Buzz

Love, Beauty and Planet's commitment to give back to the planet has been a core focus of the brand since day one. And to celebrate World Ocean Day, the brand has launched its new and exclusive Clean Oceans Edition of products packaged in bottles made from ocean bound plastic. This collection features its latest scent: Sea Salt & Bergamot. The Sea Salt & Begamot Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanses to balance and restore our hair’s appearance, while the Body Lotion leaves our skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Constant washing of hands or application of alcohol can make our hands dry, leading to its 'cracked' appearance. Knowing that our hands also need some extra care, lotions and oils can be too heavy and warm on our skin. Here's a raging reco: Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel. It is made up of 87% oil, butter, and waxes, 10% humectants, and 3% water—leaving skin moisturized even when applied at a small amount. It can also be used on areas prone to dry, rough skin like elbows, hands, knees, legs, neck and even cracked heels.

The Philippines is blessed with many natural resources such as rice, coconut, and nuts—and not only are these used to produce delicacies, but also beauty and wellness products. Kultura has curated local all-natural wellness products that you can use to destress at home. Local brands such as Laurin 100% CocoMCT, Coco Body, Bedrock Home and Body Essentials, Oryspa, Pili Ani, and Simoy ng Haraya are now available via Kultura's You Click We Deliver service and Shop. SM service! Click the link for a curated and artisanal list of home, body and wellness essentials.

After a tiring day, sometimes all we want to do is to jump in bed with mellow music and dim lights filling the ambiance. But why not do it with aromatherapy? FYI, essential oils help fix problems related to stress, sleep problems, and lack of energy. SANITY offers an all-organic range of scented soy candles, soy wax tablet, room sprays, soaps and balms that can help calm and relax. Valuing selflessness and bayanihan, it also donates a portion of its profits to frontliners and underprivileged families.

Summer may be over but looks like it's still hot and humid where we are. The changing weather conditions, not to mention the harmful UV rays, can be stressful for our skin. And to help combat that, there's this new SHISEIDO Ultimune™ Defense Refresh Mist. If you're familiar with their best-selling Ultimune serum, then this new Ultimune Defense Refresh Mist is a bottle that you don't want to leave behind. It has a minty and cooling feeling that moisturizes to protect the health of your skin. It's housed in a 30mL bottle that you can bring with you anytime, anywhere!

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Get excited for our new Ultimune Defense Refresh Mist, Ultimune serum and SynchroSkin Cushion Compact Foundation. Set the stage for a beautiful future with these limited edition designs in our iconic, red tone. ⁣ ⁣ SHISEIDO アルティミューンから数量限定で登場した注目の新商品をご紹介!日本の夏の習慣”打ち水”発想を得たマイクロミスト状美容液「ディフェンス リフレッシュミスト」は、暑さでバランスをくずしがちな夏の肌をクール感とみずみずしさで瞬時に満たし、肌の健やかさを守ります。⁣ ⁣ 人気のアルティミューン美容液「パワライジング コンセントレート N」の限定サイズと、クッションコンパクトケースも、資生堂を象徴する「赤」を基調とした数量限定のデザインで登場。今も未来も美しさが満ちあふれる肌へ。⁣ ⁣ 超えていこう。明日はもっと美しい。⁣ ⁣ #BeautyIsBoundless #Ultimune #資生堂

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As we wait for nail salons to reopen, we wonder how else we can get perfectly manicured nails. Luckily, Posh Nails released their newest Posh Nail Wraps with over 40 designs to choose from! “We believe that perfectly groomed and manicured nails is a part of self-care. This should be our priority, self-care should be on top of our list so you can keep your sparkle even as we adjust to this new normal," says Cat Ilacad, Posh Nails CEO and President. She adds, “These stickers have been the go-to of people who love having colorful nails. It has been popular with personalities doing live streaming and zoom meetings and this definitely has been the easy solution to having fun, fashionable nails even during our current situation.” 

As basic as maintaining a good hygiene is a good form of self care. One way to do that is by using an effective cleanser such as the pH Care Naturals Guava variant, made of real Guava leaf extract, that protects your feminine area from bacteria and odor. “Just like your mom or ate, pH Care wants to assure all young Filipinas that we #GotYouGirl! Our brand and products are always there to support all teenage girls to help them understand their ever-changing bodies at a very delicate time in their lives.” says Allison M. Salvador, Feminine Health Segment Head - UL Skin Sciences. “By embracing these changes and learning to care for themselves, they can also become more assured in their own skin.”

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Who's Buzzin'

Alex Gonzaga grew her YouTube channel into a mega-successful vlog and is now the living epitome of #lifepeg as an endorser, host, and businesswoman. Despite her rise, she has remained relatable to her fans, persuading local cosmetics brand Issy & Co. to pick her as its "Issy Girl." Alex now wears another hat—as a beauty collaborator partnering with Issy & Co. for her first-ever beauty collection! The collection consists of Alex's three must haves: Creme blush, highlighter stick, and lip mousse—all in variations of universally-flattering hues like cocoa, rose, and peach, and deep reds. Best of it all, the products vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, dermatologically tested, and affordable!

Against certain events forcing some of us to stay still, some like Jane de Leon find themselves unstoppable. “Tulad ng marami sa inyo, I had big plans for 2020,” said the actress, whose work for her upcoming movie got postponed due to the pandemic. Jane, now pushing herself to become better fitness and acting wise, has been tapped by MODESS as its newest ambassadors. She and other women proudly use the brand's newest Body Adapt Longs—designed with a unique body adapt shape that allows movement for up to zero leaks.

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