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Hot Stuff: Why The New & Improved Toyota Vios Is The Perfect 'First Car' To Get!

Hot Stuff: Why The New & Improved Toyota Vios Is The Perfect 'First Car' To Get!

The Toyota Vios, simply put, is a car that needs no introduction. Given its popularity among Filipino motorists throughout the years, its presence is almost guaranteed on any given road in the country. Primarily known for its practicality, durability, and dependability, the new Toyota Vios now takes its value a few notches higher, not just for its list of advanced features, but also for its exciting new look that further sets it apart from vehicles of its kind.

To those who are on the fence about getting their first car or just want a reliable addition to their fleet, here’s why getting your hands on the new Toyota Vios is a no-brainer!

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A stunning exterior with purpose

Sometimes, a car’s look is just as important as what it’s capable of. Luckily, the new Toyota Vios has both very much covered! Now with a sportier look, which, by all means, would be a perfect fit for young professionals, its style alone is enough reason to want it.

At first glance, you can immediately notice a sharper look to it. Along with its glossy black front grille, the new Toyota Vios also sports a 3-tier headlamp and daytime running lights (only in 1.5 G grade types), as well as LED fog lamps (found in 1.3 XLE and higher models), which perfectly complement one another. On top of that, the new Toyota Vios comes in 9 color features, which include ‘White Pearl,’ ‘Super Red V,‘ and ‘Grayish Blue Mica Metallic’—just to name a few.

Advanced features and practicality perfect for the ‘new normal’

There aren’t many cars that can offer as much value for your money as what the new Toyota Vios can. Especially with its affordability, future owners will surely be getting so much more out of it! For instance, its fuel efficiency alone makes for more savings right away! Not to mention the advanced features it comes with, such as a Keyless Entry (for top variants), perfect for having less contact with foreign objects or for when your hands are full, a Push Start system (for 1.5 G grade types), a 7-inch Weblink audio display (for 1.3 XE grade and higher models), as well as paddle shifters (only in 1.5 G grade models) for those that want to add a more racing type feel to their drive. In line with practicality, the new Toyota Vios also offers Eco and Sport Drive Modes (for 1.5 G grade models) to further suit its performance to the driver’s needs.

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Superior safety and control

One reason why the Toyota Vios has become an ideal choice for first-time car owners is because of its dependability and maneuverability. And the new Toyota Vios stays true to that, with all the safety and driving features it offers, to easily get yourself and your loved ones safely from point A to point B.

For passenger safety, the Toyota Vios comes with 7 SRS Airbags (for selected variants) that cover the driver/passenger/knee areas (available in all models), and the sides and curtain shield (for 1.3 E grade and higher models), as well as an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). And as far as safety on the road goes, the new Toyota Vios comes with Vehicle Stability and Hill-Start-Assist Controls, as well as a back camera (for 1.5 G grade models only), to ensure its drivers and passengers a smooth and seamless ride, both on the open road, and in the bustle of the city. Perfect for first-time drivers or those that may just need all the assurance for being safe on the road.

To know more about the new Toyota Vios, visit the Toyota Motor Philippines’ official website, and follow their official social media pages—FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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Images courtesy of Toyota Motor Philippines 




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