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In Focus: 5 Wellness Steps That Will Transform Your Life!

In Focus: 5 Wellness Steps That Will Transform Your Life!

Achieving your health and wellness goals often requires a change in lifestyle. Whether you are aiming to lose a few pounds, build your strength, or kick an unhealthy habit, an unwavering commitment and the willingness to put in the work every day is essential. After all, as with anything you want to succeed on, you will need a strong strategy to help you.

Ahead, together with UL Skin Sciences Inc., the personal care business unit of UL Health Group, we’ve created some health and wellness tips to help you achieve a life well lived these days. Armed with these tips, you can now face the day with the better version of you every day!

Develop your morning routine

How you start your day matters tremendously. The way you greet every morning determines the rest of your day’s mood. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, rush to get dressed, and then shove something in your mouth and hustle to work, you’ll most likely feel rattled. That’s why developing a morning routine will help ease your day and start off on the right foot—that includes a healthy breakfast, skincare and exercise!

In the skincare department, while cleansers and moisturizers are a must, adding beauty vitamins to your daily routine can help you achieve long-lasting, healthy skin from within. Myra E does the job for younger women who desire healthy glowing skin, while Myra Ultimate caters to women looking for a healthy way to combat signs of aging.

Include journaling in your evening routine

Keep a beautiful journal and pen on your bedside table. Spend a minute or two each night before bed writing in the journal—it may be about the activities of your day or your deepest emotions! You may choose simply to write a list of things you are grateful for each day. You’ll be surprised how the act of writing and the ritual of holding yourself accountable to self-reflection will do wonders on your emotional wellness.

Establish a beauty routine

For men and women alike, having some kind of beauty routine to wash those impurities away is always a good idea. After all, having a regimen not only promotes anti-aging; it will also make you feel and look good!

These days, there might be a dizzying number of options on everything—from how to moisturize to how to protect yourself from UV rays. With so many to choose from, try the well-recommended Celeteque, a skincare brand that makes use only of derma-grade ingredients. Its wide range of products from facial cleansers to skincare-loving makeup is co-created with dermatologists to promote overall skin health—perfect for all your beauty needs!

If pesky pimples continue to torment your skin, consider Lactezin—an oral anti-acne over-the-counter drug that can help treat and prevent pimples while promoting clearer skin. For optimum results, take these oral supplements twice a day to minimize skin irritation and achieve a natural glow.

Invest in your personal hygiene

Managing your personal hygiene is very important especially nowadays. This is not only to look your best on a daily basis as it also prevents the onset and spread of infectious disease. Taking care of yourself can also help you avoid getting sick and passing any illness to those around you.

Shower daily, choose a daily face cleanser, brush your teeth every morning and evening, wear deodorant, and practice good feminine hygiene—these are just a few tips to minimize your risk of infection and also enhance your overall health and wellness. And if you’re still looking for the best products to guide you, try incorporating brands such as PH Care for daily feminine care, GynePro for additional protection during red days, and Swish for extra oral protection.

Schedule moments of silence

Just ten minutes of silence can have profound impact on your mental health. These moments of silence should give your mind pause, a break from all the tedious thoughts you’ve had in the day. If you have anxiety and depression, this may even improve it astoundingly.

Walk for at least 30 minutes a day

Walk a couple times a day for your heart health—in the early afternoon and evening to activate your heart health. In case you didn’t know, inactivity is dangerous for everyone, with or without heart disease. A regular routine of walking will decrease stress and increase peace in the mind.

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