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In Focus: How To Choose The Right Collagen Supplement For You

In Focus: How To Choose The Right Collagen Supplement For You

You are full of life, and your vibrance exudes in the way you look, especially the smooth, radiant skin you enjoy as you sashay and flaunt it the best way you can. You may not know it, but it is primarily due to a certain protein found in those connective tissues in your body. This is called collagen and it supports and provides elasticity to your skin, making it firm and supple.

This is true in your teens or early twenties, when your body naturally manufactures collagen. But when you reach your 30s, collagen production begins to decline. And here you notice those “hallmarks” of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and firmness.

As such, the need to replenish our collagen has never been so important, especially in our desire to still look and feel young. This led to the concept of taking collagen supplements, which began in Japan, which is now immensely popular and widely used in the rest of Asia, US, and Europe.

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Currently, we have a flurry of collagen supplements in the market—from liquid drinks to pills and powder sachets.

You might be a teener or a young adult thinking this might not concern you, but as you age, your need for continued acceptance and validation, which starts from the way you look, will never fade. And taking collagen supplements can truly help you maintain that youthful glow and self-confidence that will keep you healthy and bring immeasurable success.

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But how do you choose the best collagen supplement for you? Here are some tips to consider.

1. Choose one that is best for your skin

There are several types of collagen in the body, but Type 1 is the most important and abundant. It is considered the skin’s key building block and takes up about 80% of the dermis layer. Thus, it becomes a no-brainer for us to choose a collagen supplement that contains mostly Type 1.  But other types have their uses also. Type 2 is for treating aging joints and relieve arthritic pain, and Type 3, one that Type 1 replaces as we grow older, is important to the health of the skin, hair and nails and prevalent to babies and children.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

2. Get a supplement that offers hydrolyzed collagen peptides

The problem with collagen molecules is that they are just too big for the body to absorb, unless it’s hydrolyzed. The process, called hydrolysis, consists of breaking down collagen fibers into small chains of amino acids called “collagen peptides.” This enables the smaller collagen peptides to be distributed into our body. When entering the bloodstream, these peptides will penetrate and stay in the dermis, and will lead to healthy skin production.  

3. Ingest at least 6 grams of collagen for daily maintenance

Young adults, by and large, could ideally take around 6 grams of collagen daily, which is offered in brands with powder pack packaging to make it simpler and easier to monitor. However, the more you need to replenish your collagen levels, especially for those who are above 40, the higher the dose you need.

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Photo by Samer Daboul via Pexels
Photo by Samer Daboul via Pexels

4. Get supplements that contain marine collagen

The best collagen supplements are sourced and extracted from fish. It is the safest and purest form and has the ideal size for absorption. It easily absorbs to your bloodstream and infiltrates more efficiently to the dermis, thus making your skin lighter in tone and wrinkle-free. 

5. Consider packages that strengthen your immunity

Aside from the usual benefits to the skin, which such ingredients like collagen from fish, chicken bone broth, and egg shell membranes plus antioxidants like Vitamins C and E, an ideal supplement is one that offers additional immunity to the body, which is quite relevant to the times.

Photo by Shiny Diamond via Pexels
Photo by Shiny Diamond via Pexels

6. Liquid, powder, or pills? 

Supplements come in liquid, powder or pill form, but the best way to take the ideal amount of collagen is through products, whose manufacturers closely identify and measure the right intake of an average person each day. For those who are on the go, getting offerings in powder form using sachets with the appropriate daily dosage of about 6 grams is ideal, since it’s economical, pocket-sized and can be poured to any drink—water, juice or coffee. Thus, it’s just a matter of taking a sachet, pouring and mixing it to your drink, and you’re done.

Taking collagen supplements is more than just having the desire to look and feel good at whatever age, but also keeping yourself healthy and strong for those who matter to you.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Unsplash




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