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UNICEF Reveals Inspiration Behind Basket of Hope Campaign for Christmas

UNICEF Reveals Inspiration Behind Basket of Hope Campaign for Christmas

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, the nation is doing its best to heal and recover from the pandemic. Humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are initiating efforts to contribute to that recovery and the Basket of Hope campaign is one of them.

Launched back in 2019, the Basket of Hope was UNICEF’s Christmas fundraising campaign to help disadvantaged Filipino children in the areas of education, nutrition, and water, sanitation, and hygiene, raising over PHP 3 million. It was an online fundraising campaign that was meant to provide anyone the platform to give more meaningful gifts during the holiday season and at the same time, help children in need.

Now with COVID-19 leaving its mark across the world, the most vulnerable children and their families are left mounting poverty and loss, difficulties in education, reduced access to fresh and healthy food, and raising concerns of mental health issues. Which is why the 2020 UNICEF Basket of Hope aims to support them in any way possible.

“All throughout the year we have witnessed how ordinary people have striven to give hope in these bleakest of times. We see that in the determination and spirit of many frontliners, striving to do their duty, amidst the risk of getting COVID-19,” UNICEF Philippines’ Chief of Fundraising, Susanna Snyman, shared the concept behind a Basket of Hope, “And hope is what everyone needs to keep going, especially for the many Filipino children and families who have been in need even before the pandemic.”

However, UNICEF cannot drive the Basket of Hope campaign’s success alone. Everyone’s help is needed to give Filipino children the means to realize a better future for themselves. The UNICEF Basket of Hope encourages everyone to pitch in their donations to give children hope of a brighter tomorrow.

A PHP 500 donation can contribute to providing COVID-19 safety and support services such as isolation tents, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), as well as sanitation and hygiene supplies for healthcare facilities. A PHP 1,000 donation can help fund transport for two health workers to vaccinate children in remote areas. And a PHP 2,500 donation can help students continue their education by providing home-based learning materials and making e-learning available through the Department of Education’s (DepEd) online systems.

Having just launched in October, there is still a long way to go. The Basket of Hope campaign, led by UNICEF’s three Goodwill Ambassadors Gary Valenciano, Daphne Oseña-Paez, and Anne Curtis, calls on everyone to help prevent this pandemic from becoming a lasting crisis for children. Spread the word about the Basket of Hope, so that more Filipinos can aid disadvantaged children in the country.

This holiday season, choose the UNICEF Basket of Hope as an early Christmas gift to Filipino children in need. Once the donation is made, one can pass the Basket of Hope around by inviting family and friends to donate as well or donate in lieu of physical gifts to loved ones. Companies and organizations can also give to the UNICEF Basket of Hope as their charitable donation for the Christmas season in lieu of holiday parties or gifts to their employees and partners.

“During this pandemic and with all the bleak news around us, hope for a better future, especially for our children, is what everyone needs now more than ever,” Snyman concluded, “These unprecedented times call for us to be there for one another, to help ease the burden as one community, and to do our share for our future and our children.”

Choose the cause you want to support and donate online with just a few clicks. Fill every Filipino child’s future with hope and make your donation today:

For inquiries on corporate donations or volunteer fundraising for UNICEF Basket of Hope, email




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