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In Focus: 13 K-Drama Couples Who Made Us Kilig With Their Love-Hate Relationship

In Focus: 13 K-Drama Couples Who Made Us Kilig With Their Love-Hate Relationship



If there's one thing about the plot that K-drama viewers love the most, it's probably when the two lead characters who hated each other at first eventually fall in love A.K.A. the enemies-turned-lovers trope. There's just something about the gradual transition of the lead couple's emotions that makes us way too kilig!

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Just like the 2004 hit Korean drama Full House which is considered a pioneer of the "romantic comedy" genre, the story revolved around a cheerful girl named Ji-eun and a hot-headed celebrity Young-jae who have to get along because an unfortunate turn of events that led them to living in one house. But no matter what they do, they just annoy each other. As days go by, of course, they eventually started liking each other more than they think they would—and that's how this trope works!

The best part about this kind of drama is that the lead characters usually don't know that they're starting to like each other, because they don't want to admit to themselves that they're falling for the person that they hate. The character development is real!

We know you enjoy this, too, so swipe through our gallery and check out our favorite K-drama couples who had a cat-and-dog relationship but ended up as lovers!

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