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In Focus: Winx Club Is Having A Live Action Remake, and Here's Our Dream Cast!

In Focus: Winx Club Is Having A Live Action Remake, and Here's Our Dream Cast!


It's nice to look back at our childhood days when cartoons consumed most of our time. From Totally Spies to The Powerpuff Girls, girl power has been something we enjoy watching and proudly fight for. That's why it's nice to know that one of these cartoons that exhibit girl power will be having a live-action remake on Netflix. We're talking about Winx Club, a series that follows the coming-of-age journey of seven gorgeous fairies who are attending the magical boarding school Alfea.

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According to Netflix content executive Jennifer Breslow, "We are extremely proud to bring this iconic set of strong female characters to life. We are committed to delivering a live-action series that honors the original animated series, but also allows new fans to come along for the ride." The show has already found actresses to play the iconic fairies Bloom, Stella, Aisha, and Musa; they also included new characters named Beatrix and Terra.

We haven't heard any confirmation if characters Flora, Tecna, Roxy, and the Trix would be a part of the production—but we're crossing our fingers hoping that they will! While we're waiting for further details, swipe through our gallery to see who'd play the Winx Club fairies that will be a part of the show and the actresses in our wish list! 

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