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Love Actually: Chin Chin Obcena And Van Allen Ong—OTP Influencers Turned Friends

Love Actually: Chin Chin Obcena And Van Allen Ong—OTP Influencers Turned Friends

Even a whirlwind relationship like Chin Chin Obcena's and Van Allen Ong's six months can seem like forever, and hopes for the future might seem like solid plans. That is, until they aren't. Life gets in the way, and with their own youth, nobody could blame them for wanting to focus on other things like school, or their careers, or their own passions outside of each other. 

There's still plenty of love to be found in someone that you've called it quits with, however. No matter how awkward it might seem or feel at first, that warmth is still there, and, in Chin Chin and Allen's case, makes rekindling their relationship as friends still worth it. 

Read on as these two talk about how they fell for each other, what drove them apart, and what it was like coming back together again after thinking it was all over!

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How many months or years were we together?
Allen: We were together for half a year. 

What was your first impression of each other?
Allen: First impression ko talaga, dati ko pa alam na pa lang alam ko na mabait ka.

Describe that moment when you started falling in love with each other.
Allen: I’ll be honest with this answer. Medyo nagiging dreamy 'yung world ko, and everything was like a movie for me.
Chin Chin: I was like, “Oh, I’ve never been this happy before.”

Tell us about your partner's best traits as a romantic partner.
Chin Chin: He’s so patient with me! I’m demanding. He really gives me what I want.
Allen: You’re really very sweet. You just make me very happy.
Chin Chin: Sweet ba ako?
Allen: Super.
Chin Chin: Hindi kaya ako sweet!
Allen: Hindi lang nila alam!

What is something that you liked doing together?
Chin Chin: Watching Ted! Paulit-ulit before.
Allen: We liked to eat a lot and drink a lot when we were together.
Chin Chin: That’s why I got fat.
Allen: Hindi naman!

In all your months together, tell us about the sweetest thing the other has done for you.
Allen: Naalala mo noong nasiko ako sa mukha, tapos na-emergency ako sa hospital? I appreciated na may ginagawa kang importante, tapos iniwan mo lahat and then you went with me to the hospital. That was the sweetest thing you did.
Chin Chin: He kept telling me that one day he was going to get me my own Ted, and then he got me that talking Ted. Alam mo 'yun, when guys just tell you that they’re going to get you this or that and then then won’t do it? He really did it, he really looked for it. Where on earth can you actually find one? But you got one.

In one word, describe your relationship.
Chin Chin: Romantic.
Allen: Happy.

Take us back to the time things went sour.
Chin Chin: I don’t really remember bad stuff. It’s all about him playing all the time, and then I didn’t get the attention that I wanted.
Allen: I kept on playing and playing, I just focused on my games.

How did the breakup happen?
Chin Chin: When you break up, you don’t really just stop. Sometimes you still talk, it’s called the post-breakup phase. It really happens. We talked again, pero wala na talaga.

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How did you behave after the breakup?
Allen: Go to the gym. Nakaka-focus ako sa ibang stuff instead of negative things happening in my life.
Chin Chin: Typical me, it’s also my normal life. I work, I go to events, I do shoots. Kapag gabi, I hang out with my friends and drink.

How did you behave post-breakup around family? Around friends? On social media?
Allen: Alam din 'to ni Chin, na gustong-gusto siya ng family ko. Ang hirap, kasi they really wanted her na siya yung magkatuluyan ko for the rest of my life. On social media, hindi ko naman siya in-unfollow or binlock, I just muted. Hindi ko na pinapanood yung stories niya.
Chin Chin: I had school at that time. So na-divert yung attention ko. It was also heartbreaking for me, but manageable. I stopped watching his stories, kasi every time, if you still see the person after the breakup, you just keep going back.

How long was it before we saw each other again?
Allen: After ilang days lang. Nagkita kami sa isang event ng Uniqlo.
Chin Chin: Wala, walang pansinan!
Allen: I just saw her from afar, tapos nagtago ako, then went home immediately. Hindi ko na tinapos ‘yung event!

What was it like to see each other for the first time after the breakup?
Chin Chin: I was annoyed. Ganyan ako ‘pag inis ako sa tao.
Allen: Kapag pupunta kasi ako ng event when we were together, lagi kaming magkasama. So it felt kind of different that time na magkahiwalay kami.

Who initiated to be friends again? How did the apology go?
Chin Chin: Actually, we didn’t even talk about it after. I think tama naman na you just give each other time, and then lilipas din talaga.
Allen: Actually, no apology happened.
Chin Chin: No, I know na! He got so drunk, and then he drunk-called me, and he was saying sorry for everything!

Tell me about that moment that made you say you were ready to mend fences with each other.
Allen: ‘Nung tumawag ako sa iyo, doon na ako nakapag-explain ng lahat ng mga mali ko. Doon lang tayo nakapag-usap tayo nang maayos. We were very sincere kung ano talaga ‘yung nangyari, why we broke up.
Chin Chin: I think time really helped, and I’m a forgiving person. I just forgave you for everything, even when you didn’t say sorry pa.

Looking back, what would you have done differently in the relationship?
Allen: Sana inayos ko ‘yung relationship ko sa iyo noong time na ‘yun, kasi I focused on myself more. Babawasan ko ‘yan and then giving you more time. Totoo ‘yun! Ikaw?
Chin Chin: Feeling ko with our relationship before, I spent too much time with friends. I was kind of insensitive.

What did you learn from your relationship?
Chin Chin: It’s possible to give each other what your partner needs.

What’s your relationship like as friends?
Allen: To be honest, it’s kind of different. Unlike before, iba na tayo kung mag-usap. After, medyo nahihiya na ako sa iyo kapag kausap ka.
Chin Chin: Well before, our friendship was just fun-fun lang. After the breakup, I think we’re different people. More mature.

Why do you think it’s possible to be friends with your ex?
Allen: It’s very possible to be friends with your ex, kasi nakilala mo na siya as a person. You never kept secrets while we were together. May heartbreak nga lang na nangyari, but you know kung gaano siya kabait, kung paano siya magmahal.
Chin Chin: Mas pipiliin ko ‘yung peace of mind, instead of holding grudges and being bitter. What if you see that person again?
Allen: And never talk to that person again.
Chin Chin: Parang ang awkward. For me, I’d choose to be friends with my ex.

Would you say no regrets, just love?
Chin Chin: I’d say yeah. I’m the kind of person na wala akong na-reregret sa buhay ko. I’m the type of person to really give my all, that’s why at the end of the day, I don’t regret anything.
Allen: Why would you regret something na masaya? Na naging super in-love ka noong time na ‘yun? I wouldn’t regret any of it.

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