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In Focus: Vanna Garcia—Actress Then, Full-Time Mom And Business Owner Now

In Focus: Vanna Garcia—Actress Then, Full-Time Mom And Business Owner Now

Many of us might remember Vanna Garcia in 90s-early 00s flashbacks, pointing to her brief touch with showbiz in her childhood and teenage years. Some might say that it might have been a wasted opportunity for Vanna to drop out of the biz at just 20 then, but she would beg to differ. Becoming a mother at that age, she still tried to find a balance between working there and making time for her son.

But, she now narrates to ABS-CBN Lifestyle, “After I had my second child at around 23 or 24, I said that I needed time off for my family. Show business has a very erratic schedule, so I studied. I took up interior design, and then after that I quit show business.”

Alongside her passion to make things beautiful, Vanna's creative knack spurred her decision to pursue interior design. However, like many other creative industries, Vanna didn't find it that stable enough, and so she decided in 2017 to “look for something that was regularly giving income.”

Enter First Bloom. “I decided to do a beauty aesthetic clinic! It’s very lucky for me that my cousin-in-law is a doctor, so it wasn’t hard for me to get into the details of the business. I’m into beauty rin naman, so it’s something that I thought I could do and learn!”

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With First Bloom finally coming through in October last year, Vanna only feels pride of where she’s come. And she only is prouder because of having overcome hurdles en route. “For me, more of the problems are based on the people, the employees. Sometimes you train them, you exert so much effort and time, and all of sudden, they just leave. You’ll have to find someone else again to train. Everything has to go back to zero every time somebody leaves.”

Venturing out into a new career might leave some people wondering how Vanna juggles her time between her business and bonding time with her three boys Ethan (12), Lucas (9), and Tyler (5). “I just keep a balance. It’s always one thing I told myself to do, because, of course, being with my boys, it can drive me insane sometimes. Having time for myself and time for my career, so I feel fulfilled, is one thing that keeps everything afloat and in balance," she muses. This balance also comes from one simple trick she keeps in mind when she comes into problems: “You just have to let it go!”

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Trying to keep up this kind of life can seem daunting to other people, but Vanna's attitude and love of the craft all seem to help keep Vanna in stride. “I think for me, it’s the perfect thing. A lot of people in beauty and aesthetics are women, so I can relate so much in this business. It’s not hard for me to learn and share, and to share to people what my company is about. I think being a woman there is just perfect.”

Speaking for herself, and how she’s grown as someone in a position of leadership, she has this to say: “It’s different to have your own business that you believe in. It’s a really good thing for me. It becomes like your everyday work that you enjoy, but at the same time it does not feel like it’s a chore. It’s natural. It’s not forced. It feels very light to be in this position!”

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Produced by Camille Santiago | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Aldrin Ramos | Shot on location at The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences | Special thanks to Carissa Gomez of The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences



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