In Focus: This Co-Working Space Steps Up To Offer Both Productivity And Sense Of Community

In Focus: This Co-Working Space Steps Up To Offer Both Productivity And Sense Of Community

Offices used to be pictured as places of mundaneness, and that being "on field" sparked more fun and excitement than being in a confined space. Lately, though, the need for offices has risen among remoteworkers like freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and independent contractors—all looking for a work situation that is not just homey and comfortable, but also conducive for productivity.

Atmosphere is indeed very important when finding a workspace—it can either make you productive or hinder you from finishing your tasks. One co-working space that has recently caught the attention of the meticulous is WeWork Philippines. The co-working space instantly appeals to millennials, with its Instagram-worthy aesthetic. It draws more with its fun but refined atmosphere and various facilities, to boot.

WeWork was founded 10 years ago with a goal not just to create beautiful shared offices, but also a community. It started with a vision to "reinvent the way people work and transform the way individuals and organizations relate to the workplace," WeWork Managing Director for Southeast Asia and Korea Turochas ‘T’ Fuad said.

WeWork is found in 140 cities in 37 countries. Locally, it is present in Bonifacio Global City and Makati with five locations to date.

"Today, we are the leading coworking and space-as-a-service platform that offers the benefits of a collaborative culture, the flexibility to scale workspace up and down as needed and the power of a worldwide community, all for a lower cost," Fuad added.

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How else is WeWork able to provide to this demand for hip but still very much conducive workspaces? Fuad talked more below.

On their philosophy...
"When we started WeWork in 2010, we wanted to build more than beautiful, shared office spaces. We wanted to build a community. A place you join as an individual, 'me', but where you become part of a greater 'we'. A place where we’re redefining success measured by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line. Community is our catalyst."

On opening branches in the Philippines...
"The Philippines has one of the strongest economic potentials in the region, and continues to be a promising hub for businesses of all sizes. When we were setting up our local playbook into the Philippines, the market’s booming SME and BPO industry made sense for WeWork to enter the market.

With our strong service-as-a-platform offering, we are confident that our current presence is an enabler for enterprises to SMEs to scale seamlessly locally and abroad. We are also encouraged by the Philippine government’s effort in sustaining the country’s robust economic growth, and this also provides the momentum for opening opportunities for more investors and global players like WeWork to strengthen the local landscape."

On the atmosphere at WeWork...
"At WeWork, we look at space as a place to bring people together, build community and enhance productivity. Our designers and architects work relentlessly to create spaces that are beautiful but simple, elevated but approachable, and global yet locally unique."

On their inspiration for the interiors...
"Driven by our local-first strategy, our locations take inspiration from the local Filipino heritage and its past. To demonstrate this, one of the key pieces in WeWork Uptown Bonifacio Tower Three features a collaboration between our Arts & Graphics team and a local artist. As the design idea stems from the Filipino traditional system of mutual assistance called “bayanihan”, the mural embodies the spirit of civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos.

Accumulating a decade’s worth of “art and science” in customising workspaces, our community focus is reinforced through design and we evolve space through an inclusive member-driven experience."

On what makes them unique...
"Flexible real estate solutions—our space-as-a-service offering significantly reduces the complexity of leasing real estate to a simplified membership model. While delivering a premium experience to our members at a lower price, WeWork is able to move fixed lease costs to variable costs for our members.

Member experience—at WeWork, we provide an unparalleled work experience for organizations large and small, enabling growth, greater productivity and employee engagement.

Next, the network and the consistent level of engagement members get. For companies within SEA, our regional network has allowed them access to new business partnerships and opportunities. SEA companies leveraging the region’s growth momentum have also looked to us as partners as they scale across the region."

On their pricing...
"Through our proven flexible space-as-a-service offering, we are best able to match an individual or organization to the right space, at the right time, at the right price.

Depending on our members’ needs and size, the team will be able to customize the right pricing model accordingly."

On members' facilities...
"With more than 662,000 members who collaborate in-person and digitally, our community team curates formal and informal events to encourage connections.

We (also) provide engaging, inspiring spaces that empower our members. The WeWork community is friendly and supportive—and we encourage our members to engage with each other through events such as product demonstrations, panel discussions, pitch competitions, education and networking opportunities.

For us, community is a vital, tangible asset that can help businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. Our members are businesses of all sizes, in all sectors. Our structure makes it easy for a local company to be a global company."

On their plans for the coming years...
"The priority has always been and will continue to be Member-First and Focused. This means that we will make every decision through the lens of “What’s best for our members?”

WeWork will continue to expand its core workspace platform globally though end-to-end solutions as well as revenue-sharing joint ventures and management and franchising agreements. With 740 locations across 140 cities and 37 countries, we expect to reach more than 1,000 locations and 1 million desks by the second half of 2020."

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Photos courtesy of WeWork Philippines



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