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Where To Next: This Luxe Resort In Laiya, Batangas For That Much-Needed 'Secret' Getaway!

Where To Next: This Luxe Resort In Laiya, Batangas For That Much-Needed 'Secret' Getaway!

Just in case you’re thinking of spending the holidays away from the holiday rush, there’s just the place not too far away from the city. This place would be perfect to spend some much needed rest and relaxation, and is one of my personal favorite resorts to stay in—Cala Laiya in Batangas. Let us share you why this place is worth checking out!

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Beauty and exclusivity

What we mostly look for in any resort is its... peace. And what we mean by that is how a place doesn’t feel crowded, or how much we can relax without noise. Tucked away in its own cove, the property itself already presents a level of exclusivity, but more than that, how spread out all its cabanas are, gives its visitors a sense of privacy anywhere they go.

Luxurious villas

As opposed to other resorts that offer rooms inside mid to high-rise buildings, Cala Laiya offers cabanas instead. And not just your ordinary-looking cabanas by the beach, but beautifully built ones that even rival houses you might see in upscale exclusive villages. They have bungalow type cabanas, which can fit two people, and two-story cabanas, which is good for six to eight people. Aside from how good they look, they’re one of the most comfortable accommodations I’ve stayed in.

Home-style care

What makes staying in Cala Laiya even better is that meals are already included, and they’re prepared and served communally at their common area facing the pool. All their food are made using local ingredients, and are prepared similarly to how food is cooked at home, be it grilled fish, meat, a selection of vegetables, and fresh fruit as well. Food is served during lunch and dinner time, with ‘merienda’ as well, in the afternoon.

Private beach

Something that adds to their already beautiful property, right across the lush greens of their pool, is Cala Laiya’s very own beach. Lined with cozy and tastefully made cabanas, not only can you enjoy the fine sand and the sea water, but they also provide recreational activities as well, such as kayaks, paddleboards, and you can event rent their boat and go around the islands!

Pet friendly

The cherry on top to all their amenities is that they’re pet friendly! This means you can enjoy your beach getaway with your furry friends as well! I personally don’t know of many resorts that allow guests to bring pets, much less a resort as good as this one, so this alone, already gives you an idea of how welcome your stay will be during your visit.

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