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Bitter about love? This iWantTFC show will help you pinpoint your unhealthy habits and move on

Bitter about love? This iWantTFC show will help you pinpoint your unhealthy habits and move on

Our own experiences with relationships and even our friends’ dating horror stories are enough to make us swear off romance. This negativity, however, may be impairing our ability to find love and live a happy life.

If you find yourself consumed by bitterness, it may be time to look at yourself and identify bits and pieces that may be hindering you from moving forward. These experiences are highlighted in iWantTFC’s “hugot”-laden original anthology “Ampalaya Chronicles,” which offers an empathetic look at why we stop believing in love, and why we should start believing in it again.

The good news is all of “Ampalaya Chronicles’” three episodes are currently streaming for free for viewers anywhere in the world!

Here are just some of the themes and experiences tackled in the anthology series that you might relate to and learn lessons from:

1) Putting someone on a pedestal

Admiring someone and denying their flaws is the biggest blunder of the hopeless romantic poet Carlo (Khalil) in the “Adik” episode of “Ampalaya Chronicles.” Carlo becomes blinded by his own unrealistic ideals for his longtime crush Nina (Elisse Joson) that he fails to acknowledge who she is – a person with her own flaws – which shatters his fantasy and breaks his heart.

2) Bending over backwards for someone who doesn’t do the same for you

Many of us have been in lopsided relationships where the other person doesn’t reciprocate your feelings or actions – in short, “nagpakatanga.” In the case of Carlo, he gets led on by Nina while he scrambles to help her write a winning poem for a contest.

In the end, Carlo learns to confront his unhealthy behavior and learns to work on himself, after realizing that putting Nina on a pedestal was a reflection of his own insecurities.

3) Believing that getting friend-zoned is the end of the world

Getting romantically involved with your best friend seems to be the perfect idea on paper. In the series’ “Labyu Hehe” episode, Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza play childhood BFFs who eventually transition from buddies to lovers, then eventually find out a relationship is too much for them to handle.

4) Falling for someone who is still hung up on their ex

We’ve all been on the losing end of a situation where despite all persistent efforts to woo someone, they’re just not emotionally ready to make time for us just yet. In “Me and Mrs. Cruz,” Caloy (Paulo Angeles) pours his heart out to someone who may never reciprocate his feelings. One thing’s for sure: We all deserve to be loved back fully, and that can’t happen when they still have unresolved feelings about their ex.

5) Refusing to move on from a past relationship

Still hung up on your ex? You are certainly not alone! Moving on from someone has no definitely timeline for everyone, and being bitter over a relationship that did not work out only makes you human.

(Spoiler alert!) In the case of Mrs. Cruz (Ina Raymundo), who hasn’t healed from the pain of losing her husband, the journey to rebuilding herself is a long one, but in the end, she learns to appreciate her marriage for what it was and is able to get a new perspective on her life before deciding to fall in love again.

Relate to these stories by watching “Ampalaya Chronicles” for free on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) or on Viewers can also enjoy watching on a bigger screen through select devices on VEWD, ROKU streaming devices, Android TV, select Samsung Smart TV models, Telstra TV for global users, and VIDAA for select countries. iWantTFC is also available via Chromecast and Airplay. For the complete list of compatible devices, sign in instructions, and account activation, visit




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