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How Tarsier Records has Grown as a Portal of World-Class Music

How Tarsier Records has Grown as a Portal of World-Class Music

Vibrant, welcoming, and emerging. This is how Tarsier Records sees the music industry amidst the world’s continuing battle against the pandemic.

In fact, 2020 has become the best year yet for the ABS-CBN Music label, with Markus’ acoustic “B-Side EP” generating millions of streams, Brian McKnight Jr.’s "Marry Your Daughter” revival becoming its fastest-growing track, and the timely release of the cross-cultural track “RISE.”

Founder and label head Chris Lopez aka Moophs looks back at how much the label has grown since 2017—from offering mostly electronic dance music to being largely genre-agnostic today— which he credits to its connection with listeners.

“I’d like to think we’ve reached a point where our listeners fully trust Tarsier Records to deliver world-class music made by Filipinos, non-Filipinos, and everyone in between,” he said.

“If I had to quantify what Tarsier Records is today, I would probably call it a group of passionate and talented music makers from all over the world working together to create a platform they can call home,” he added.

The music producer also attributes the success of the label to the support of music fans here and abroad.

He said, “Every fan that creates content with our music also grows the brand. The more people that contribute the stronger and more defined it gets and the more able it is to help people get their music where it needs to go.”

This year, Tarsier Records further becomes a melting pot of music and artistry as it bravely introduces its growing family via “Class of 2021.”

Aside from original signees like Inigo Pascual and Kiana V who are making a name in the international scene, the label recently welcomed KZ Tandingan, Bugoy Drilon, duo GIBBS, Russell Reyes, Zion Aguirre, SAB, and Miguel Odron to its roster of artists.

It is also featuring several up-and-coming artists, both Filipino and non-Filipino acts, in its music releases this 2021.

Chris is nothing but optimistic for the future of the label. He enthused, “My hope for the label is to continue to grow as a portal for the import and export of good music; a place where artists and fans from anywhere in the world can gather, collaborate, exchange ideas and help tell our collective story. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead.”




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